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Zhuravlev, Vasili

2 August 1904 Ryazan 16 November 1987 Moscow
The son of an accountant and housewife, Vasili Zhuravlev had to find work at a young age when his father was called to war. In 1923 he started his studies in the acting department of the VGIK, which he would finish in 1927. At the time of his graduation, he decided he wanted to become a director, and in turn began work as an assistant to Sergei Yutkevich. By 1930 he had already directed two films, one comedy and one historical drama. His breakout film was Cosmic Voyage, the children's science fiction fantasy, which was a huge hit throughout Russia in 1932. The film took Zhuravlev two years to make. For the next twenty years Zhuravlev continued to direct. From 1954 to 1956 he worked in China, where he taught aspiring directors the art of film. In 1956 he returned home, where he returned to direction. Over the course of his life, Vasili Zhuravlev directed sixteen films, many of which were award winning.


  • Chelovek v shtatskom, 1973;
  • Muchachas en el cielo, 1968;
  • Chyornyy biznes, 1965;
  • Lavina s gor, 1959;
  • Malchik s okrainy, 1948;
  • Fifteen-Year-Old Captain/ Pyatnadtsatiletniy kapitan, 1946;
  • The Disappearance of 'The Eagle'/ Gibel Orla, 1940;
  • Cosmic Journey/ Kosmicheskiy reys: Fantasticheskaya novella, 1936;
  • Bombist, 1932;