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Zarkhi, Alexander

Born: 18 February 1908 (Petrograd/St. Petersburg, Russia) Died: 27 January 1997
Russian filmmaker Alexander Zarkhi is best known for the groundbreaking drama Baltic Deputy, a film that he directed with longtime collaborator Josef Heifitz. The film is considered a precursor of the historic realism movement in Soviet cinema. He teamed up with former classmate Heifitz following graduation from the Leningrad School of Screen Art. The two worked together through 1950 when Zarkhi left to make films alone. He proved himself competent and made films through the early '70s. Zarkhi died in Moscow at the age of 89.


  • Chicherin, 1986;
  • Twenty Six Days From the Life of Dostoyevsky/ Dvadtsat' shest' dnej iz zhizni Dostoyevskogo, 1980; (director only)
  • Story of an Unknown Actor/ Povest o neizvestnom aktyore, 1976;
  • Towns and Years/ Goroda i gody, 1973;
  • Anna Karenina, 1967;
  • Hello, Life!/ Zdravstvuj, zhizn!, 1963; (director only)
  • My Younger Brother/ Moj mladshij brat, 1962;
  • Men on the Bridge/ Lyudi na mostu, 1960; (director only)
  • Height/ Vysota, 1957; (director only)
  • Nesterka, 1954; (director only)
  • Pavlinka, 1952; (director only)
  • Kolkhoz 'Rassvet' , 1951; (director only)
  • Fires of Baku, The/ Ogni Baku, 1950; (director only)
  • Precious Seed, The/ Dragotsennye zyorna, 1948; (director only)
  • Miracle of Dr. Petrov, The/ Vo imya zhizni, 1946;
  • Last Hill, The/ Malakhovis korgani, 1944;
  • His Name Is Sukhe-Bator/ Yego zovut Sukhe-Bator, 1942; (director only)
  • Great Beginning, The/ Chlen pravitelstva, 1940; (director, producer)
  • Victory/ Pobeda, 1938; (screenwriter only)
  • Baltic Deputy/ Deputat Baltiki , 1937;
  • Hectic Days/ Goryachiye denyochki, 1935; (also producer)
  • My Motherland/ Moya rodina, 1933;
  • Noon/ Polden, 1931; (director only)
  • Wind in the Face/ Veter v litso, 1930; (director only)
  • Transport of Fire/ Transport ognya, 1930; (screenwriter only)
  • Moon to the Left, The/ Luna sleva, 1928; (screenwriter only)
  • Song of Metal, The/ Pesn o metalle, 1928; (director only)