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Zalakiavicius, Vitautas

Born: 4 April 1930 (Kaunas, Lithuania) v Died: 12 November 1996
The leading figure of Lithuanian cinema from the Soviet thaw through the fall of communism. A screenwriter as well as director-- and often uncredited--Zalakiavicius quickly impressed with his debut feature, Adam Wants to Be a Man, about Lithuanian laborers searching for work in South America. His second film, a collaboration with A. Zhebryunas called Living Heroes, achieved international notoriety. His third film, Nobody Wanted to Die, was perhaps his most successful. A drama set during the post-war Soviet annexation of Lithuania, it borrows thematically from American westerns but establishes its own dynamic style. Zalakiavicius followed with films in various forms and formats, styles and genres, screening around the world and international festivals, and was an unofficial ambassador for Lithuanian cinema until his death in 1996.


  • Elze Is Gilijos, 2000; (screenwriter only)
  • The Beast Emerging from the Sea/ Zveris iseinantis is juros, 1992;
  • Tale of the Unextinguished Moon, The/ Povest Nepo-Gashennoy Luny, 1991; (screenwriter only)
  • Voskresnyj den' v adu,1987;
  • Ispoved yego zheny, 1984; (screenwriter only)
  • Izvinite, pozhalujsta, 1982;
  • Faktas/ Gruppa krovi nol, 1981; (screenwriter only)
  • Story of an Unknown Man/ Rasskaz neizvestnogo cheloveka, 1980;
  • Centaurs, The/ Kentavry, 1978;
  • That Sweet Word: Liberty!/ Eto sladkoye slovo - svoboda!, 1973;
  • The Whole Truth About Columbus / Vysa pravda o Kolumbe, 1971; (TV)
  • Da budet zhizn' (Ave vita), 1970; (screenwriter only)
  • Nobody Wanted to Die/ Niekas nenorejo mirti, 1963;
  • Living Heroes / Zhiviye geroi, 1960; (co-director)
  • Adam Wants to Be a Man/ Adomas nori buti zmogumi, 1959;