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Viktorov, Richard

Born: 7 November 1929 (Tuapse) Died: 3 September 1983
After serving at the front during World War II, Richard Viktorov enrolled in the Philology Department at Lviv University. After quickly realizing that film was his passion, he dropped out of Lviv University and enrolled at the Russian State Institute of Cinematography, where he studied under Sergei Yutkevich. Following his studies, he worked as a director at Belarus Studio and then Gorky Studio. Viktorov's work won a great deal of awards; Viktorov himself was the winner of the Vasiliev Brothers state award in film.


  • Kometa, 1983; (also screenwriter)
  • To the Stars by Hard Ways/ Cherez ternii k zvyozdam, 1981; (also screenwriter)
  • Obelisk, 1976; (also screenwriter)
  • Boys in the Universe/ Otroki vo vselennoy, 1974
  • Moscow-Cassiopea/ Moskva-Kassiopeya, 1973
  • Step Over the Threshold/ Perestupi porog, 1970
  • Perekhodny vosrast, 1968
  • The Third Missile/ Tretya raketa, 1963
  • Vperedi - krutoy povorot, 1960