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Usmonov, Jamshed

Born: 13 January 1965 (Asht, Tadzhik Republic, Soviet Union. (now Tajikistan)
Coming from a background in theatre, Usmonov was a jack of all trades for Tajikfilm Studios before gaining a degree in directing from VGIK. Since making his first feature, Parvaz-e zanbur (a collaboration with Korean director Min Biong Hun), his films have been ubiquitous at international film festivals. Fararishtay kifti rost, his latest film, was presented at the Cannes Film Festival, and is a unique expression of Usmonov's interest in how reality and fable overlap.


  • Angel on the Right/ Fararishtay kifti rost, 2002
  • Road, The/ Jol , 2001; (actor only)
  • Tchoh, 1991-2000
  • Flight of the Bee/ Parvaz-e zanbur, 1998; (also editor)
  • Mard, 1989