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Starewicz, Wladyslaw

Born: 6 August, 1882 (present-day Vilnius)
Died: 28 February 1965
Starewicz, Wladyslaw

Wladeslaw Starewicz was an animation pioneer; he was the first director to realize the potentials of stop-motion animation, before him the technique was only used in a public service announcement. Born in 1882 in present-day Vilnius, Starewicz began his career in Russia in 1909 with a short film on insects, a subject he would use frequently in his subsequent work. Starewicz's 1913 film, The Ant and the Grasshopper, won him the praise of the Tsar. Following the revolution, Starewicz moved to France where he continued to make films. While Starewicz was offered money to work for American studios, he refused, preferring his creative independence. Starewicz is said to have an influence on animation comparable to that of Walt Disney, in spite of the fact that many of his works are now considered lost. Starewicz passed away in 1965.


  • Winter Carousel/ Carrousel Boreal, 1958; (also screenwriter)
  • Nose to the Wind, 1956
  • Fleur de fougre, 1949; (also screenwriter)
  • The Devil's Ball/ Ftiche, 1934; (also screenwriter)
  • Deux fables de La Fontaine, 1932;
  • The Tale of the Fox/ Roman de Renard, Le , 1930; (also screenwriter)
  • Love in Black and White/ Amour noir et amour blanc, 1928; (also screenwriter)
  • The Magical Clock, or The Little Girl Who Wanted to Be a Princess/ Horloge magique ou La petite fille qui voulait tre princesse, L', 1928
  • Petite parade, La, 1928;
  • Jugendrausch, 1927; (animation scenes)
  • The Town Rat and the Country Rat/Rat de ville et le rat des champs, Le , 1927; (also screenwriter)
  • Petite chanteuse des rues, La, 1924
  • The Frogs Who Wanted a King/ Grenouilles qui demandent un roi, Les, 1923; (also screenwriter)
  • The Nightingale's Voice/ Voix du rossignol, La, 1923; (also screenwriter)
  • Tbe Scarecrow/ pouvantail, L', 1921; (also screenwriter)
  • In the Spider's Grip/ Dans les griffes de l'araign, 1920
  • Iola, 1920
  • Cagliostro/ Kaliostro, 1918
  • On the Warsaw Highway/ Na Varshavskom trakte, 1916; (also screenwriter)
  • Ruslan and Ludmilla/ Ruslan i Lyudmila, 1915; (also screenwriter)
  • The Lily of Belgium/ Liliya Belgii, 1915; (also screenwriter)
  • The Habitant of the Desert Isle/ Zhitel nyeobitayemovo ostrova, 1915; (also screenwriter)
  • How the German General Signed a Pact with the Devil, 1914; (also screenwriter)
  • Mars' Stepson, 1914; (also screenwriter)
  • The Night Before Christmas/ Noch pered Rozhdestvom, 1913; (also screenwriter)
  • The Four Devils, 1913; (also screenwriter)
  • The Insects' Christmas/ Rozhdestvo obitatelei lesa, 1913;
  • A Terrible Revenge/ Strashnaya mest, 1913; (also screenwriter)
  • The Grasshopper and the Ant/ Strekoza i muravey, 1913; (also screenwriter)
  • The Camerman's Revenge/ Mest kinematograficheskogo operatora, 1912; (also screenwriter)
  • The Beautiful Leukanida/ Prekrasnaya Lyukanida, 1912; (also screenwriter)
  • Happy Scenes from Animal Life, 1912; (also screenwriter)
  • Lucanus Cervus, 1910