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Smirnov, Andrei

Born: 12 March 1941 (Moscow)
Though his acting career has lasted over forty years, Smirnov also directed and wrote for film. Of note was his segment of the controversial film, Beginning of an Unknown Era, called Angel, which dared to explore late sixties political ambiguity in its Civil War era setting, and an ambitious adaptation of Tolstoy's War and Peace.


  • Idiot, 2003; TV Series, (actor only)
  • His Wife's Diary/ Dnevnik yevo zheny, 2000; (actor only)
  • Musique de l'amour: Un amour inacheve, La, 1996; TV, (actor only)
  • The Castle/ Zamok, 1994; (actor only))
  • Idiot Dreams/ Mechty idiota, 1993; (Actor only)
  • Casanova's Raincoat/ Plashch Kazanovy, 1993; (actor only)
  • Chernov/ Chernov, 1990; (actor only)
  • Ch. P. rayonnogo masshtaba, 1988; (actor only)
  • Krasnaya strela, 1986; (actor only)
  • Sentimentalnoye puteshestviye na kartoshku, 1986; (screenwriter only)
  • Ya sdelal vsyo, chto mog, 1986; (screenwriter only)
  • Idushchij sledom, 1984; (actor only)
  • With Faith and Truth/ Veroj i pravdoj, 1979; (director only)
  • Autumn/ Osen, 1974; (director, screenwriter only)
  • Byelorussia Station/ Belorusskij vokzal , 1970; (director only)
  • White Sun of the Desert/ Beloye solntse pustyni, 1970; (actor only)
  • War and Peace/ Vojna i mir, 1968; (actor only)
  • Beginning of an Unknown Era/ Nachalo nevedomogo veka, 1967; segment Angel, (director only)
  • A Small Joke/ Shutochka, 1966; TV, (director only)
  • Vojna i mir I: Andrei Bolkonsky, 1965; (actor only)
  • Hey, Somebody, 1963; (director only)
  • Nine Days of One Year/ 9 dnej odnogo goda, 1961; (actor only)
  • Northern Rainbow/ Hyusisayin tziatzan, 1961; (actor only)
  • Sound of Life/ Slepoj muzykant, 1960; (actor only)