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Shukshin, Vasily

Born: 25 July 1929 (Srotski, Altay) Died: 2 October 1974 (Kietskaya)
A prolific director and actor, Vasily Shukshin was above all a master storyteller. After growing up in Siberia (where his father was executed by the state), he worked odd jobs, served in the army, taught literature, and enrolled in film school only after missing the application deadline for the Gorky Institute of Literature. First working as an actor--and maintaining an acting career throughout his short life--Shuksin directed his first feature, There Was a Lad, in 1964. Aiming to present the Soviet muzhik in a truthful light, his films, such as Your Son and Brother, and The Red Snowball Bush, were warmly received by the public. Intimately involved in all aspects of his own films' productions, Shukshin also wrote stories, novels, plays, and screenplays-- most in the "rural" storytelling tradition.


  • Yolki-palki, 1988; (story writer only)
  • Prazdniki detstva, 1981; (story writer only)
  • Friends of Games and Jokes/ Drugi igrishch i zabav, 1981; TV, (screen story only)
  • Cranks from Zavyalovo/ Zavyalovskiye chudiki , 1978; (story writer only)
  • Half-Faced and Full-Faced/ V profil i anfas, 1977; (story writer only)
  • Call Me from Afar/ Pozovi menya v dal' svetluyu, 1976; (original play writer only)
  • They Fought for Their Country/ Oni srazhalis za rodinu, 1975; (as actor only)
  • I Wish to Speak/ Proshu slova, 1975; (actor only)
  • Fellows/ Zemlyaki, 1974; (screenwriter only)
  • The Red Snowball Tree/ Kalina krasnaya, 1973; (director and screenwriter)
  • Happy Go Lucky/ Pechki-lavochki, 1972; (director and screenwriter)
  • Dauria/ Dauriya, 1971; TV, (actor only)
  • Hold On to the Clouds/ Derzhis za oblaka, 1971; (actor only)
  • A Soldier Came Back from the Front/ Prishyol soldat s fronta, 1971; (director only)
  • The End of Lyubavins/ Konets Lyubavinykh, 1971; (original novel writer only)
  • Lyubov Yarovaya, 1970;(actor only)
  • The Great Battle/ Osvobozhdeniye, 1970; mini TV Series, (actor only)
  • Strange People/ Strannyye lyudi, 1969; (director and screenwriter only)
  • Echo of Distant Snows/ Ekho dalyokih snegov, 1969; (actor only)
  • By the Lake/ U ozera, 1969; (actor only)
  • Man's Talk/ Muzhskoj razgovor, 1968; (actor only)
  • The Commissar/ Komissar, 1967; (actor only)
  • Your Son and Brother/ Vash syn i brat, 1965; (director and screenwriter only)
  • There Is Such a Lad/ Zhivyot takoj paren, 1964; (director and screenwriter only)
  • Kakoye ono, more?, 1964);
  • Alyonka, 1961; (as actor only)
  • When the Trees Were Tall/ Kogda derevya byli bolshimi, 1961; (actor only)
  • Mission/ Komandirovka, 1961; (actor only)
  • A Simple Story/ Prostaya istoriya, 1960; (actor only)
  • Iz Lebyazhyego soobshchayut, 1960; (director only)
  • The Golden Eshelon/ Zolotoj eshelon, 1959; (actor only)
  • The Two Fedors/ Dva Fyodora, 1958; (actor only)
  • The Killers/ Ubijtsi, 1958; (actor only)