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Sarulu, Marat

Born: 1957 (Talas, Soviet Union (now Kyrgyzstan))
After receiving a degree in philology from the University of Bishkek, Sarulu moved to Moscow and studied film at VGIK. Back at Bishkek, he has been very active in the past decade, directing features, shorts, a documentary and an animated film. His characters are always in motion - on foot, on trains, in the air - leaving their villages for a better life somewhere else. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in his breakthough film, Altyn Kirgool.


  • My Brother Silk Road/ Altyn Kyrghol , 2001; (director, writer)
  • The Fly Up/ Ergii, 2001; (director)
  • The Adopted Son/ Beshkempir, 1998; (writer)
  • Mandala, 1998
  • In Spe, 1993
  • Praying for the Virgin Bird, 1989