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Rou, Alexander

Born: 24 February 1906 (Sergiyev Posad)
Died: 28 December 1973 (Moscow)
Any trace of a normal childhood for Alexander Rou vanished at the age of ten, when his immigrant engineer father returned to Ireland during the war, leaving his family in Russia. His sick mother was unable to provide for her family, so Alexander took up work as a trader. After finishing seven-year school, Rou was able to continue his studies. While his mother wanted him to study economics, he instead enrolled in film school. After finishing his studies, he worked as assistant to famed director Jakov Protazanov. At the time, he and Protazanov together co-directed Rou's feature film debut, Without Dowry. Over the course of his career he would make over fifteen films, which were shot all over the world, including twenty two African countries. Several of his films also included animated elements. Rou believed that a film could not be separated from beauty. It is evident that his life's work changed multiple film genres. In 1968 Rou was given the title of Honored Statesmen of the Arts of the Russian SFSR.


(as director unless otherwise stated)
  • Finest, the Brave Falcon/ Finist - Yasnyy sokol, 1975; (screenwriter)
  • Baba Yaga/ Zolotye roga, 1972; (also screenwriter)
  • Barbara the Fair with the Silken Hair/ Varvara-krasa, dlinnaya kosa, 1969; (also screenwriter)
  • Fire, Water and...Pipes of Glory/ Ogon, voda i... mednye truby, 1968;
  • Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors/ Korolevstvo krivykh zerkal, 1964;
  • Father Frost/ Morozko, 1964;
  • A Night Before Christmas/ Vechera na khutore bliz Dikanki, 1961;
  • Maria, the Wonderful Weaver/ Marya-iskusnitsa, 1960;
  • Cinderella/ Khrustalnyy bashmachok Zolushki, 1960;
  • Novye pokhozhdeniya Kota v Sapogakh, 1958;
  • The Secret of Mountain Lake/ Lernayin ltchi gaghtniqe, 1954;
  • May Nights/ Maiskaya noch, ili utoplennitsa, 1953;
  • Kashchey bessmertnyy, 1944;
  • The Humpbacked Horse/ Konyok-gorbunok, 1941;
  • Beautiful Vasilisa/ Vasilisa prekrasnaya, 1939;
  • Po shchuchuyemu veleniyu, 1938;
  • Without Dowry/ Bespridannitsa, 1937; (co-director)