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Rogozhkin, Alexander

Born: 1950 (Leningrad/St. Petersburg)
Alexander Rogozhkin graduated from Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg) State University's History Department as an art expert and art researcher. In 1971, he began to work as an art designer at Leningrad TV; from 1974 - 1977, here he served as a production designer at "LenFilm" Film Studio, while studying painting and graphics at the Leningrad Pedagogic Institute. In 1982, Rogozhkin graduated from VGIK (Russian State Institute for Cinematography), having completed a director's workshop with Sergei Gerasimov. Rogozhkin's


includes the comedy "Peculiarities of National Hunt" (1995) and its sequel "Peculiarities of National Fishing" (1998), both certified Russian blockbusters; "Peculiarities of National Hunt" was at the top of the national box-office for several years. In 1998, the film "Checkpoint" proved Rogozhkin's skill as a master of Russian psychological cinema. In addition to having directed several episodes of the popular Russian TV police serial, "Streets of Broken Lights", Rogozhkin is also an acclaimed scriptwriter, one of the most anticipated Russian film projects. "Dom imenii Cherchillya" (The Churchill House) is currently in production under director Alexei Uchitel, from a script by Rogozhkin.


(as director unless otherwise noted):
  • Transit/ Peregon, 2006; (also screenwriter)
  • Sapiens, (2004; (also screenwriter)
  • The Cuckoo/ Kukushka, 2002; (also screenwriter)
  • Osobennosti natsionalnoj okhoty v zimnij period, 2000; (also screenwriter)
  • Ubojnaya sila, 2000; TV Series
  • Boldino Fall, 1999;
  • Checkpoint/ Blokpost, 1998; (also screenwriter)
  • Peculiarities of the National Fishing/ Osobennosti natsionalnoj rybalki, 1998;
  • Menty/ Ulitsy razbitykh fonarej, 1997; TV Series (first episodes)
  • Operation Happy New Year/ Operatsiya 'S novym godom', 1996; TV, (also screenwriter and editor)
  • Peculiarities of the National Hunt/ Osobennosti natsionalnoj okhoty, 1995; (also screenwriter)
  • The Act/ Akt, 1993; (also screenwriter)
  • Living with an Idiot/ Zhizn s idiotom, 1993; (also screenwriter)
  • The Chekist/ Chekist, 1992;
  • The Third Planet/ Tretya planeta, 1991; (also screenwriter)
  • Guard, The, 1990;
  • Karaul , 1989;
  • Miss Millionaire/ Miss millionersha, 1988;
  • The Voice/ Isklyucheniye bez pravil, 1986; TV, segment "Zolotaya pugovitsa"
  • For a Few Lines/ Radi neskolkikh strochek, 1985;
  • Ryzhaya, ryzhaya, 1981;
  • Chto mozhno Kuzenkovu?, 1980; segment "I budem zhit'", (screenwriter only)