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Razykov, Yusup

Born: 1957 (Tashkent, Soviet Union (now Uzbekistan))
After studying philosophy and working as an electrician at Uzbekfilm, Razykov suspended his career pursuits to serve in the military. Upon returning, he performed various functions at Uzbek television, including director of art programmes, before entering VGIK's screenwriting program in 1981. He then apprenticed at Mosfilm, where several of his screenplays were produced. He has since written and directed for both Russian and Uzbek film productions. For television, he was the director and screenwriter of the first Uzbek soap operas - Dolma and The Order. Razykov's unique comedic voice was showcased in Voiz, which was featured at the 2000 Berlinal Film Festival. With it, Razykov carried Uzbeki film back into the international spotlight. In 1999 he became president of Uzbekfilm Studio.


(as writer/director unless otherwise noted)
  • Comrade Boykenjayev, 2002; (screenwriter only)
  • Dilhiroj, 2001; (screenwriter only)
  • Dance of Men, The , 2001;
  • Women Kingdom/ Zjenskoe tsarsvo, 2000;
  • Orator/ Voiz, 2000; (director only)
  • Ya vinovat, 1999; (screenwriter only)
  • Order, The, 1997; TV Soap Opera
  • Dolma, 1994; TV Soap Opera
  • I Am Guilty, 1993;
  • Angel I Fire, The, 1992;
  • Very Faithful Wife/ Ochen vernaya zhena, 1992; (screenwriter only)
  • Wolfhound/ Volkodav, 1991; (screenwriter only)
  • Original Data is Death, The, 1991;
  • Gorech padeniya, 1987; (screenwriter only)