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Paradjanov, Sergei

Born: 9 January 1924 (Tiflis/Tbilisi, Georgia, Soviet Union/Georgia) Died: 21 July 1990 (Yerevan, Armenia, Soviet Union)
Paradjanov, Sergei

A son of Armenian parents, Paradjanov made his mark in the 1960's with two enduring classics, Color of Pomegranate and Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, that rank with the films of Dovzhenko for their fidelity to the land, language, and people of the Ukraine and Armenia. He first studied to be a singer, attending the Tbilisi Conservatory. After graduating from VGIK in 1951, he worked as an assistant director and then as a director at Kiev Studios. After achieving worldwide praise for Color of Pomegranate and Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Paradjanov was prevented from making further films by the Soviet government and was later imprisoned. After nearly two decades of exile from his craft (during which he wrote and painted), he returned to filmmaking under Gorbachev, completing the remarkable Ashik Kerib before succumbing to cancer.


  • Parajanov: The Last Spring, 1992; (screenwriter)
  • Confession, The, 1990; (also screenwriter)
  • Swan Lake: The Zone/ Lebedyne ozero-zona, 1990; (screenwriter only)
  • The Lovelorn Minstrel/ Ashugi Qaribi , 1988; (also production designer)
  • Arabesques on the Pirosmani Theme/ Arabeskebi Pirosmanis temaze, 1985;
  • The Legend of the Suram Fortress/ Ambavi Suramis tsikhitsa, 1984
  • Color of Pomegranates/ Sayat Nova, 1968; (also screenwriter, editor, choreographer)
  • Akop OVnatanyan/ Hakob Hovnatanyan, 1967; (also screenwriter)
  • Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors/ Tini zabutykh predkiv, 1964; (also screenwriter)
  • Flower on the Stone/ Tsvetok na kamne, 1962
  • Ukrainian Rhapsody/ Ukrainskaya rapsodiya, 1961
  • The First Lad/ Pervyj paren, 1959
  • Dumka, 1957
  • Natalya Ushvij, 1957
  • Golden Hands/ Zolotye ruki , 1957
  • Andriyesh, 1954
  • A Moldavian Tale/ Moldovskaya skazka, 1951