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Okeev, Tolomush

Born: 11 September 1935 (Bokonbaevskoe, Kirghiz SSR, Soviet Union (now Kirghizia)) Died: 18 December 2001 (Ankara, Turkey)
Okeev was one of the founders of the Kirghiz film industry. Active for many years as a film technician, Okeev was educated at the Leningrad School for Film Technicians (LIKI) and worked at Kirgisfilm as a sound technician. Even after attending courses on film directing in Moscow-- and making the breathtaking documentary There Are Horses-- he continued to labor behind the scenes as dubbing director for the Kirghistan cinema news. He also acted, directed for the theatre, and founded his own production company (Kelechek). Among the greatest of outdoor filmmakers, Okeev knew his native land and filmed it with great sensitivity. After he died in 2001, the Kirghiz Film Studio renamed itself in his honor. Seagull Films is mounting a retrospective of his films that will begin touring in 2005.


  • Spotted Dog Running at the Edge of the Sea/P egij pyos, Begushchij krayem morya, 1990; (screenwriter only)
  • Presledovaniye, 1988; (screenwriter only)
  • Mirazhi lyubvi , 1986; (also screenwriter)
  • The Descendant of the Snow Leopard/Potomok belogo barsa, 1984; (also screenwriter)
  • Skulptor Olga Manuylova, 1982
  • Golden Autumn/ Zolotaya osen, 1980
  • Ulan, 1977; (also screenwriter)
  • The Red Apple/ Krasnoye yabloko, 1975
  • The Ferocious One/ Lyutuy, 1974
  • The Worship of Fire/ Poklonis ognyu, 1971; (also screenwriter)
  • Smarter Birds/ Lovchiye ptitsy, 1970
  • Boom, 1969
  • The Heritage/ Muras, 1969
  • The Sky of Our Childhood/ Nebo nashego detstva , 1966; (also screenwriter)
  • There Are Horses/ Eto loshadi, 1965