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Muratova, Kira

Born: 5 November 1934 (Soroca, Romania/Moldova)
Muratova, Kira

A fierecely independent filmmaker, Muratova's career started during Kruschev's thaw and is still going strong in the Putin era-- with several tumultuous decades in between. After studying philosophy at Moscow State University, Muratova attended VGIK and graduated in 1959. She then began a long relationship with Odessa Film Studio that continues to this day. Her early masterpieces, Brief Encounters and A Long Goodbye, were influenced by the experimental trends of sixties cinema. Her novel approach to narrative-- and to the Russian pastoral in particular--combined with a bleak, ambiguous, and deeply personal outlook, led to censorship by the Soviet authorities; A Long Goodbye didn't receive an official release until glasnost in 1987. Outside of an occasional writing and acting opportunity, Muratova's film career suffered a similar fate. But with glasnost and certainly in the decade since, she's reclaimed her status as one of the great directors of her generation, and her recent films have been staples of international festivals.


  • The Tuner/ Nastroyshik, 2004; (also screenwriter)
  • Chekhov's Motifs/ Chekhovskiye motivy, 2002; (also screenwriter)
  • Second Class Citizens/ Vtorostepennyye lyudi, 2001; (also screenwriter)
  • Letter to America/ Lyst do Ameryky, 1999;
  • Three Stories/ Tri istorii, 1997;
  • Passions/ Uvlecheniya, 1994;
  • The Sentimental Policeman/ Chuvstvitelnyj militsioner, 1992; (also screenwriter)
  • The Asthenic Syndrome/ Astenicheskij sindrom, 1989; (also screenwriter)
  • A Long Goodbye/ Dolgie provody, 1987; (filmed 1971)
  • Destiny/Peremena uchasti, 1987; (also screenwriter)
  • I Remember You/ Ya tebya pomnyu, 1985; (editor only)
  • Among Grey Stones/ Sredi serykh kamnej, 1983;
  • Getting to Know the Big Wide World/P oznavaya belyj svet, 1979;(also screenwriter)
  • Russia, 1972;
  • Brief Encounters/ Korotkiye vstrechi , 1967; (also screenwriter and actress)
  • Our Honest Bread/ Nash chestnyj khleb, 1964;
  • On the Steep Cliff/ U krutogo yara, 1962; (also screenwriter)