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Kozintsev, Grigory

Born: 22 March 1905 in Kiev, Ukraine Died: 11 May 1973 in Leningrad, Soviet Union/St. Petersburg, now Russia
Kozintsev, Grigory

Born in 1905 in Kiev, Ukraine, Grigori Kozintsev started to make films after his studies at Imperial Academy of Arts in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). In 1921 together with Leonid Trauberg he founded The Factory of the Eccentric Actor (FEKS). Rooted in the Soviet avant-gard of the 1920s, his first silent feature films "The Overcoat" (1926) and "New Babylon" (1929, collaborated with Leonid Trauberg) have a clear sign of the influance of expressionism. The collaboration with Trauberg continued also at "Plain People" (1945), post-war drama, which was banned by government and only realeased in middle 50s. After being obliged to make political compromises they split up and G. Kozintsev started his solo director carreer, focusing on film adaptations of literary classics. His adaptation of "Don Quixote" (1957) is considered by some the most innovative cinema version of the classic text. Internationally famous bacame also his Shakespearean adaptations, "Hamlet" (1964) and "King Lear" (1970). He was also an author, dramatist, art theoretician and lecturer at the Moscow Film School (VGIK) and the Leningrad Studios.


  • King Lear/Korol Lir, 1969
  • Hamlet/Gamlet, 1964 Don Quixote/Don Kikhot, 1957 Belinski/Belinsky, 1951 Pirogov, 1947 Plain People/Prostyye lyudi, 1946 The Young Fritz/Iunyi Frits, 1943 Collection of Filmes for the Armed Forces #2/Boyevoj kinosbornik 2, 1941; segment "Sluchaj na telegrafe/Incident at the Telegraph Office" Maxim Trilogy, Part 3/Vyborgskaya storona, 1939 Maxim Trilogy, Part 2/Vozvrashcheniye Maksima, 1937 The Youth of Maxim/Yunost Maksima, 1935 Alone/Odna, 1931 The New Babylon/Novyj Vavilon, 1929 The Club of the Big Deed/S.V.D. - Soyuz velikogo dela, 1927 The Little Brother/Bratishka, 1927 The Devil's Wheel/Chyortogo koleso, 1926 The Cloak/Shinel, 1926 Mishki versus Yudenich/Mishki protiv Yudenicha, 1925 The Adventureds of an Octoberite/Pokhozhdeniya Oktyabriny, 1924