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Klushantsev, Pavel

Born: 25 February, 1910 (St. Petersburg) Died: 27 April 1999
Director Pavel Klushantsev, who has been referred to by George Lucas and Stanley Kubrick as and teacher, changed the face of cinema. After graduating from the Leningrad Institute of Photography and Photo Technology in 1930, he worked as a cameraman for four years at Belgoskino. In 1934 he moved to Lenfilm Studios, where he would master the art of direction. One of the first directors to combine popular science and science fiction, Klushantsev has left an indelible mark on science fiction films all over the world. His techniques for filming the cosmos were decades ahead of those of his contemporaries. Famously, Klushantsev passed away in 1999 forgotten, blind and living in poverty. In 2002, he was the subject of a documentary called The Star Dreamer.


  • Mars, 1968; (also producer)
  • Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet, 1965 The Moon/Luna, 1965; (also producer) Planet of Storms/Planeta Bur, 1962; (also screenwriter) Road to the Stars/Doroga k zvezdam, 1958; (also producer) The Universe/Kosmos, 1951 Meteors/Meteory, 1947