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Karakulov, Amir

Born: 11 September 1965 in Alma-Ata, Soviet Union, now Almaty, Kazakhstan
After studying cinema at the VGIK in Moscow and working at the Institute of Dramatic Arts in his native Alma Ata, Karakulov began making films in 1989. Beginning with his first feature, Razluchnitsa-- a potent transposition of the classic love triangle to an intimate Kazakh setting-- Karakulov's films have garnered attention at various international film festivals, including the Venice and Rotterdam Festivals; his Posledniye kanikuly was a winner at Rotterdam. Willing to evolve and experiment, he has used both film and video, makes fiction features and advertisements, and is president of the Dubut foundation for young filmmakers at Kazakhfilm.


As director:
  • Don't Cry/Jylama, 2003;
  • Last Holiday/Posledniye kanikuly, 1996;
  • The Dove's Bell-Ringer/Golubinyj zvonar, 1994;
  • A Woman Between Two Brothers/Razluchnitsa, 1991;
  • List'ja, 1989;
As screenwriter:
  • The Dove's Bell-Ringer/Golubinyj zvonar, 1994;