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Granovsky, Aleksandr

Born: : 1890, Moscow, Russian Empire (now Russia)
Died: 11 March 1937, Paris, France
Birth Name: Abraham Ozark
Alexandr Granovsky was born 1890 in Moscow. In 1910 -11 studied at the Petersburg School for Performing Arts and in 1911-13 dramatic arts at the Munich Theatre Academy. Since 1914 he started to work at different Russian theatres. After serving in the Russian army, in 1917 he decided to study film directing in Sweden. In 1919 Granovsky established in St. Petersburg the Jewish Theater Studio, which he later shifted as the Jewish Chamber Theatre to Moscow. Since 1925 this theatre acted under the name Jewish Academic Theatre GOSET, in which Granovsky was the lead director. Contemporary sources describe the style of the theatre as mixture of "music, seal, dance, acrobatic and childlike-naive puppet theatre" with clear inclination to grotesque. In 1925 he produces the film "Jewish luck" ("Yidishe Glikn), which remains his only film produced in Soviet Union. In 1928, during the theatre tour, Granowsky decided not to return back to Russia and started to work for the German Theatre in Berlin, where he also continues being active as the film director. In his halfdocumentary “The Song of Life” (1930) he experimented with current film-trick technology and directs the film-grotesque " The Trunks of Mr. O.F." (1931) - touching fantasy of the wealth in the middle of the world economic crisis. In 1933 he produces in France the musical " The Adventures of King Pausole" about the king, who has for every day another woman. In Paris he creates his own production company - ALGRA and produces 1934 follow "Moscow Nights" (1934), a triangle story from Russia before the revolution. His last film "Tarass Boulba" (1936) is a remake of the German version of "Taras Bulba", directed by Vladimir Strizhevsky in 1924. Granovsky died on March 11, 1937 in Paris.

Filmography (as director unless otherwise noted):

    The Rebel Son, 1938;
  • Tarass Boulba, 1936;
  • Moscow Nights / Nuits moscovites, Les, 1934; (also as producer)
  • The Adventures of King Pausole / Aventures du roi Pausole, Les, 1933; (also as editor)
  • The Merry Monarch, 1933; (also as editor)
  • The Trunks of Mr. O.F./ Koffer des Herrn O.F., Die, 1931; (also as screenwriter)
  • Song of Life, The / Lied vom Leben, Das, 1931;
  • Jewish Luck / Jewrejskoje schtschastje, 1925;