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Fedorchenko, Alexei

Born: 1966 (Sol'-Ileck, Orenburg region, Russia)
Fedorchenko, Alexei

Alexei Fedorchenko's career path can be described as anything but traditional. After graduating in 1988 from the Ural Polytechnical Institute with a degree in economics, Fedorchenko spent two years working in a factory. Eventually, he moved to the documentary facility of Sverdlovsk Studios, which at the time was undergoing a financial crisis. In 1990,he became official economist then deputy director of the Sverdlovsk Studio. Since 2000, he has managed the studio’s production department, and participated in the production of over 80 films. He has studied dramaturgy at the Russian National Film Institute, and written screenplays for documentaries that were awarded numerous prizes at festivals worldwide. Fedorchenko subsequently spent several years working on documentaries, until he switched gears and made his first feature mocumentary "The First on the Moon" (2005). The project was attractive for Fedorchenko because it allowed him to experiment with 1930's. The film garnered him international praises along with several awards and nominations. His third feature "Silent Souls", released in 2010, followed the success of his first feature and besides others, won the FIPRESCI Prize at 2010 Venice Film Festival. His latest feature film "Fourth Dimension" (2012), an anthology piece comprised of three unique stories created by three different filmmakers (beside Fedorchenko, Harmony Korine and Jan Kwiencinski), each taking his character on the journey that changes the way they see the world and themselves. Aleksei Fedorchenko currently lives and works in Ekaterinburg.

FILMOGRAPHY (as director unless otherwise noted)

  • The Fourth Dimension, 2012; (105 min)
  • Silent Souls, 2010; (75 min)
  • The Wind of Shuvgey; 2009, (doc, 30 min)
  • Bath Day; 2008, (doc, 28 min) 
  • The Railway, 2007; (105 min)
  • Shosho, 2006;(doc, 52 min)
  • The First on the Moon/ Pervye na Lune, 2005; (75 min)
  • Children of the White Grave/Deti Beloi Mogilyi, 2003; (doc, 42 min)
  • Hare-hunting/ Okhota na zaitcev, 2003 (as screenwriter only)
  • David, 2002; (doc, 32 min)



  • Mar del Plata FF, 2010, Won, Best Director, Nominated, Best Film; "Silent Souls"
  • Venice FF, 2010; Won FIPRESCI Prize, Won SIGNIS Award - Honorable Mention, Won, Nazareno Taddei Award; "Silent Souls"
  • Venice FF, 2005; Won, Venice Horizons Documentary Award, "The First on the Moon"
  • Warszaw IFF, 2005; Won Special Mention, "The First on the Moon"
  • Kinotavr Sochi, 2005; Won Best Debut and Prize of the Guild of Russian Film Scholars and Film Critics, "The First on the Moon"
  • Ghent IFF, 2005; Nominated Grand Prix; "The First on the Moon"
  • Cottbus FF of Young East European Cinema, 2005, Won Special prize and First Work Award of the Student Jury, "The First on the Moon"
  • IFF in Mexico, 2003, Won Grand Prix, "Hare-hunting" as a scriptwriter (short, feature, dir.I.Volochin)
  • IFF Stockholm, 2002 Won Grand Prix; "David" (doc.):
  • IFF, Lubli, 2002, Won Grand Prix; "David"
  • IFF Warsaw, 2002, Won '1st prize; "David"