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Dores, Maurice

Maurice Dores is a searcher and a filmmaker. He lived several years in Senegal, Africa. Afterwards he worked in the departments of Ethnology and Psychology at Paris University VII. Dores produced documentary films on Africa and published two books, La Femme Village, Maladies Mentales et Guerisseurs en Afrique Noire, (The Village Woman, Mental Diseases and the Healers in Black Africa), and La Beaute de Cham, Mondes Juifs, Mondes Noirs, (The Beauty of Ham, Jewish worlds, Black worlds).


  • BOROM XAM XAM, 1975, 60 min.; ( A healer in Saint Louis of Senegal )
  • SEVEN NIGHTS AND SEVEN DAYS / Sept nuits et sept jours, 1982, 50 min.,
  • CAP MANUEL, 1986, 15 min.,
  • PSYCHIATRIE DAKAR, 1989, 52 min.,
  • BLACK ISRAEL, 2002, 88 min.,