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Bobrova, Lidiya

Born: 13 June 1952 (Zabaikalsk, Chita province, Russia)
Born in Eastern Siberia on June 13, 1952, Lidiya Bobrova obtained her Diploma in History at the Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) University in 1975. As she was not willing to support an existing system, she gave up teaching and studied scriptwriting in Moscow under the direction of Evgueni Gabrilovitch. Her graduating script "Hey, You Geese!", reflecting the way of life of the soviet citizen too far away from the official ideology, was refused. After that she joined Lenfilm Studio, but her scripts were constantly rejected for the same reasons. With the Perestroika, her scripts were finally accepted and produced by the Studio of Experimental Films in Lenfilm.


(as director/writer unless otherwise noted):
  • Granny/ Babusya, 2003;
  • In That Land.../ V toj strane... , 1997;
  • Hey, You Geese/ Oj, vy, gusi... , 1991; (director only)