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Averbakh, Ilya

Born: 28 July 1934 (Leningrad/St. Petersburg) Died: 11 January 1986 (Moscow)
Though short, the film career of Ilya Averbakh was quite impressive, especially since film was a his second career. After studying at the First Leningrad Medical Institute, he graduated in 1958 and worked as a physician for several years. He managed to complete a screenwriting course in Moscow and began to study filmmaking full-time at Lenfilm. Almost immediately upon graduating in 1967 he released Private Life of Kuzyayev Valentin which he co-directed with Igor Maslennikov, and made his first solo film, Degree of Risk, the following year. His next film, the bold chamber drama, Monologue, exposes a generation gap in seventies Soviet Union through the relationship between a staid old professor and his emotional daughter. Considered his major achievement, Monologue, like many of his films, is concerned with the ways that people negotiate subtle changes in society. True to his first career, Averbakh's films often questioned the ethical values of science and medicine-- thorny issues for a Soviet society avidly pursuing advancement in these very fields.


  • The Voice/ Golos, 1982
  • Faratyev's Fantasies/ Fantazii Faryat'yeva, 1979; TV, (also screenwriter)
  • A Declaration of Love/ Obyasneniye v lyubvi, 1977
  • Chuzhiye pisma, 1975;
  • A Drama From Antiquity/ Drama iz starinnoy zhizni, 1972
  • Monologue/ Monolog, 1972;
  • Degree of Risk/ Stepen riska, 1968; (also screenwriter)
  • Private Life of Kuzyayev Valentin/ Lichnaya zhizn Kuzyayeva Valentina, 1967