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Asanova, Dinara

Born: 24 November 1942 (Frunze/Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) Died: 4 April 1985 (Murmansk, Soviet Union)
Asanova, Dinara

Dinara Asanova started to work in Kirgizfilm studio right in 1960s, in the team of Larisa Shepitko on film "Heat" / "Znoj". Short film "Rudolfio", based on the story by Valentin Rasputin gained her the diploma in directing on VGIK. Her first feature film "Woodpeckers Don't Get Headaches/Ne bolit golova u dyatla", made in Lenfilm studio, which she joined in 1974 ensured her the recognition among both, viewers and critics. In her films, she was focused upon the problems of adolescents, but also the other elements in the life of nowdays Soviet society. To achieve highly realistic dimension to her work, she combined professional and non-professional actors. Despite opened criticism of the social life in Soviet society, she has never been censored. Her most recognized and acclaimed works are: "The Key That Should Not Be Handed On/Klyuch bez prava peredachi" (1976), "Teenagers/Patsany" (1983) and "Dear, Dearest, Beloved, Unique.../Milyy, dorogoy, lyubimyy, edinstvennyy..." (1984).


  • Deti razdorov, 1984; TV,
  • Dear, Dearest, Beloved, Unique.../ Milyj, dorogoj, lyubimyj, yedinstvennyj... ,1984
  • Teenagers/ Patsany, 1983
  • What Did You Choose?/ Chto by ty vybral?, 1981; TV,
  • The Useless Girl/ Nikudyshnaya, 1980; TV,
  • The Wife Has Left/ Zhena ushla, 1979
  • Beda, 1977
  • The Key That Should Not Be Handed On/ Klyuch bez prava peredachi, 1976
  • Woodpeckers DOn't Get Headaches/ Ne bolit golova u dyatla, 1975
  • Rudolfio, 1969