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Aranovich, Semyon

Born: 23 July 1934 (Derazhnya, Ukraine) Died: 1995
Aranovich, Semyon

After military studies was Semyon Aranovich working for two years in the Maritime Aviation. At that time he also begun working as director in various studios. Since 1971 he's been the director in Lenfilm Studio. He has been awarded with the Soviet Union State in 1986.


  • Agnes Dei, 1994; (also screenwriter)
  • The Year of a Dog/ God sobaki, 1993; (also screenwriter and producer)
  • Golem: The Petrified Garden/Golem, le jardin petrifie, 1993; (associate producer only)
  • People's Gala Concert/ Bolshoi kontsert narodov, ili Dykhanie chein-stoksa, 1991; (also screenwriter)
  • Fear and the Muse: The Story of Anna Akhmatova, 1991; (film consultant only)
  • How I Worked Under Stalin, or Songs of the Oligarchs/ Ya sluzhil V apparate Stalina, ili Pesen oligarkhov, 1990; (also screenwriter)
  • The Anna Achmatova File/ Lichnoye delo Anny Akhmatovoy, 1989; (also screenwriter)
  • I Was Stalin's Bodyguard/ Ya sluzhil v okhrane Stalina, ili Opyt dokumentalnoy mifologii, 1989;
  • Altovaya sonata. Dmitry Shostakovich, 1988
  • Big Game/ Bolshaya igra, 1988; mini TV Series,
  • Protivostoyaniye, 1985; mini TV Series,
  • Torpedo Bombers/ Torpedonostsy, 1983
  • ...And Other Officials/ Rafferty, 1980; TV,
  • Slomannaja podkowa, 1973