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Istanbul Operations Manager

OGULCAN GÜLER is a 21-year old Art Administration student living in Istanbul.  His interest in the arts began when he was 8 years old, and until 2008 he acted in school dramas. He then began his professional education in acting in Performing Arts Center Beyoglu, studying history of theater, drama, dance, music and acting. In 2010 he landed his first professional role in the movie "Atlikarinca" directed by Ilksen Basarir. 

In 2011, he went to Czech Republic to finish his high school education as an exchange student via AFS organization. This study abroad experience gave him a vision and an international way of thinking, which led to a question, "how can I manage art?" He came back to Turkey and decided to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Administration.   Now in his third year at the academy, he is adding managing, organizing, advertising and marketing to his skill set.

Prior to attending university he worked with a children theater company, which allowed him to enhance his communication skills with children. He also worked with the non-governmental organization, Greenpeace in 2009 as a public representative. For the past two years, he has been employed as a store manager in a tourist shop in Istanbul’s culturally rich area, Beyoglu. 

His work with Seagull Films in Istanbul will give him valuable experience to help develop his arts management skills.  In the future he hopes to mix both his acting and administration skills to further his success.