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Hasaki Ya Suda (The Three Black Samurai)

Dir. Cedric Ido. Burkina Faso/France, 2011, 24 min, Lingala (Burkinabe dialect) with French subtitles.
Hasaki Ya Suda

It is 2100, and global warming has forced the people of the south to migrate to the north, where they must fight for their right to survive. The three warriors will cross swords during a decisive duel: one for power, one for revenge, the last for peace. Which one will succeed? Opening with a dramatic animated sequence, and influenced by Japanese masters such as Akira Kurosawa, this stunningly shot futuristic Afro-samurai film is as tongue-in-cheek as it is visually sumptuous. Hasaki Ya Suda is a true flight of imagination by talented Cedric Ido.