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Man with the Movie Camera: Two by Sergey Urusevski

Man with the Movie Camera: Two by Sergey Urusevski
A tribute to the work of the extraordinary Russian cinematographer Sergey Urusevskiy ( The Cranes are Flying, I Am Cuba ) who is remembered as one of the most innovative and resourceful figures in the history of world cinematography.

THE FORTY-FIRST / SOROK PERVYI, Dir. Grigory Chukhrai, Russia, 1956; 88 min.
One of the first significant films to be produced during the post-Stalinist thaw. The film focuses on a controversial love story between Red Army woman-sniper and her White Army officer prisoner during the times of the Russian Revolution. Torn between ideology, class difference and feelings, both discover themselves in a timeless space of the sands, waters and sky. Winner of a special prize at the 1957 Cannes Film Festival, film stands out for it's hunting imagery so brilliantly captured by a genius DP Sergey Urusevskiy.
THE LETTER NEVER SENT / NEOTPRAVLENNOE PISMO, Dir. Mikhail Kalatozov, Russia, 1959; 97min.
By the extraordinary director/cinematographer team of "I Am Cuba" and "The Cranes Are Flying", this fact-based drama is about a geological expedition to wilderness of Siberia in the search of a diamond mine. Accomplishing their task, four geologists meet every imaginable obstacle and natural disaster from Arctic frost to a forest fire.

Urusevskiy's camera is every bit as unhinged in nature's expanses as on the boulevards of Moscow. Innokenty Smoktunovsky, the definitive leading man of the Soviet Thaw Era - scientist, adventurer, and Hamlet- costar Tatiana Samoilova, the throne heroine of The Cranes Are Flying.

As seen at the Tribeca Film Festival " Restored / Rediscovered ". This section, co-curated by Martin Scorsese and Peter Scarlet, includes newly restored or preserved copies from some of the world's leading film archives.

Man with the Movie Camera: Two by Sergey Urusevski