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Seagull Films Dakar

Seagull Films is the first American film company setting its foot in West Africa
Seagull Films Dakar

Seagull Films is a New York based independent programming and distribution company dedicated to bringing awareness and accessibility of international cinema from a broad spectrum of emerging, under-represented and sometimes misrepresented film work.   

A film industry veteran, with experience and a body of work in Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Ukraine, Russia and South America the company has been expanding its creative work and operation. 

In addition to Seagull Films’ highly recognized contribution in the field of film preservation and its critically acclaimed curated traveling film exhibitions, the dynamic film outlet has turned its attention to emerging filmmakers from the Global South, African in particular. 

Following Seagull Films' artistic direction of the inaugural edition of Colors of the Nile International Film Festival in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2012 and with an already established base in Dakar (Senegal), Seagull Films is committed to providing professional training and talent development as well as to create innovative forms of showcasing African emerging and independent filmmakers in North America.



Discover or rediscover cinematic treasures of the last 33 years

Presented in partnership with the French Institute (Dakar), the New York based programming/distribution company, Seagull Films, is the first American film outlet to set foot in West Africa with the goal of establishing a permanent presence for American films in Senegal as well as to provide professional training for local filmmakers and other creative people. In the past few years, a wave of emerging African film talents from all corners of the continent have produced a noticeably fresh and daring body of work which has changed the landscape of African cinema.  “We have a strong commitment to the emerging filmmakers of the global south, Africa in particular. Seagull Films and its international partners hope to create a year-round American film presence in Senegal and beyond” - says company’s program director Sara Cucinotta.   “We understand that many of great-quality American films do not get distributed in Africa. We understand as well that many African filmmakers are unable to travel to America to attend professional training courses. That's why we wanted to come here, to Senegal, a cradle of African cinema, the homeland of the great Ousmane Sembene and Djibril Mambety, to share what we know ” - Seagull Films president Alla Verlotsky added.

American Cinema Reloaded

May 2 - 4, 2014 at the French Institute,  Dakar

33 years of independent American cinema