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Room and a Half

Dir. Andrei Khrzhanovsky Russia, 2009, color; 130 min., in Russian with English subtitles
Room and a Half

When asked in an interview whether he ever intended to return to his Motherland, Joseph Brodsky replied: "Such a journey could only take place anonymously..."
The creators of this film imagined that the journey in question was undertaken after all, selecting the genre of an ironic fairytale. The poet sails to the country of his childhood, and with him we traverse not only geographical expanses, but travel through time as well; stringing together a number of facts from the Nobel Prize Laureate's biography, we return to the USSR of the 50s and early 60s, soaking up the atmosphere of the "European" city of Petersburg, to this day Russia's cultural center.
Along with live-action sequences, the film features animation, as well as documentary footage concerning Brodsky and his milieu.

"A Room and a Half" is unmistakably the work of a mature artist, and it's the helmer's absolute mastery of the different formats that makes his work so joyous. JAY WEISSBERG, Variety
" ...fantastic, unique voyage to the country's past and its genius - delicate, intimate, revealing" International Film Festival Rotterdam


  • Official Selection, International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2009
  • Official Selection, Montral Film Festival, 2009
  • Official Selection, Telluride Film Festival, 2009
  • Official Selection, New York Film Festival, 2009
  • Official Selection, Mill Valley Film Festival, 2009
  • Official Selection, London International Film Festival, 2009
  • Official Selection, Boston Jewish Film Festival, 2009
  • Official Selection, Denver Film Festival, 2009
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