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Red Fantasies by Robert Skotak

directed by Academy Award Winning Special Effects Artist Robert Skotak
Red Fantasies by Robert Skotak

Vostok West Films and Seagull Films are proud to announce

"RED FANTASIES" is the colorful, first feature documentary ever created to explore the wild, weird, revolutionary world of "Fantastika" - Russian fantasy cinema. It is about science fiction, fantasy and horror films made behind the Iron Curtain, and the people who not only made them, but believed in them.
Ironically, many of these visually astonishing works by Russian film "Wizards of Oz" were barely seen and little recognized in the United States. "RED FANTASIES" will be the first compilation of some of these ground-breaking, sometimes troubled, always fascinating films ever attempted, it is just as well the story of the struggle to preserve "human imagination" at a time when the authorities sought to control, if not destroy, it.

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