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“Independent film is a grass-roots effort. It’s a private artistic and business endeavor.” – Indiewire

To assure that your film gets recognition and visibility in the competitive international marketplace Seagull Films (SF) provides customized services designed to meet the objectives of producers and filmmakers. We offer proper guidance and support in positioning your film as well as developing festival, marketing, self-distribution strategies and release campaigns. 

A veteran film company with an international scope of work, Seagull Films has developed solid working relationships with many of the world’s leading film festivals, art film venues, and industry professionals. The company possesses in-depth knowledge of distribution and an understanding of how to navigate North American and international marketplaces. 

All clients receive the personal attention of the company’s executive staff.


SF creates a comprehensive strategy for festival placement for each individual film. The company designs a thoughtful promotional strategy and provides analysis on appropriate international and domestic (North America) festivals, presenting timetables based on each festival’s importance and influence on the marketplace for the project.

SF offers its clients complete consulting and servicing on all aspects of film festival administration and operation, from submitting entries to final film participation at the festival – providing the marketing and press materials for the festivals, handling the print/DVD shipments, supporting the director’s travel arrangements to the festivals, and more.

SF supervises festivals’ handling of the film to maximize its exposure within the targeted markets, outreach to local audiences and attending film industry, and the best publicity and press coverage. SF will work closely with each festival’s departments, including Artistic Direction, Sponsorship, Marketing, Press and Publicity, Operations (print traffic included), Programming, and Special Events, to ensure the most effective festival performance for each of its clients 

SF provides assistance to organize an effective premiere of your film at each festival.  


SF develops traditional as well as innovative online marketing and promotional strategies, which include electronic press kits and newsletters, websites, cross promotions, various alerts and other online networking and email outreach strategies, in-person special appearances by the filmmaker, sneak previews, and more. 


Through its network of professional contacts SF supports our clients’ efforts in developing relationships within the industry.


SF works closely with the wide circuit of appropriate distributors, sales agents, and acquisition managers to alert them in advance about the film with the purpose of establishing an early awareness in the film industry that can help lead to possible sales (acquisition).

In addition to the film festival engagements, SF will create special events and screening opportunities that can help promote the picture to ensure that the film and its director and/or producer(s) receive wide international exposure as well as high critical acclaim.

As self-distribution becomes a common and effective practice for many American independent and international film projects, SF provides distribution to a semi-theatrical market in North America via our highly reputable company’s already established circuit of art houses, cinematheques, film societies, museums, selected universities, and art centers. 

SF assists with facilitating digital and online distribution through innovative channels and online platforms, which give the producer direct access to the consumer excluding the middleman (the distributor).


SF provides the following staffing:

  • Administrative assistance
  • Services of our graphic designers and webmasters if needed
  • Legal council and services if needed (North American territory only)