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Dir. Mikhail Kosyrev - Nesterov, Russia, color, in Spanish with English subtitles, 2008, 107 min.

In a small fishing village outside of Havana, Joel, the oldest brother in the traditional fisherman family, is deeply in love with Maricel. By chance, Joel learns that his fiancé got married to someone her family prefers.

Heartbroken he moves to Havana. Hoping to find a new life, he is impatient to try his luck in the big city, only to discover more betrayals and disappointments. A tragic confrontation leads to Joel's fall from grace bringing even more drama into his young life.

OCEAN is a moving and somewhat subtle film examining the people in a society where big dreams rarely get realized and human survival becomes extreme.

"A story of a heartbroken youngster who leaves home for Havana. Clear blue sea, sensual Cuban music, passionate relationship of parent and child. Feel the Latin beat from this sweet and bitter adolescent film." Tokyo Film Festival guide


  • Official Selection, Tokyo International Film Festival 2008
  • Official Selection, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2008
  • Official Selection, Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2008
  • Official Selection, Palm Spring International Film Festival 2009
  • Official Selection, Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2009
  • Copper Wing Award for Best Picture in World Cinema Phoenix Film Festival 2009