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Dir.Peter Khazizov, Russia, 2005, 70 min.

In contemporary Moscow strange things are in the air: a reckless youth can turn invisible at will; a beautiful model seemingly materializes in the street beneath her likeness illuminated on a billboard, and all of this may be generated by a video game in the possession of a pseudo-intellectual into whose car the model collapses, thus bringing together the fates of all three. The plot seems kind of unconnected, as it should be: the Japanese titles tell us that man-ga means picture at random, and the film delivers superb, stylish , slick and colorful sequences, pulsing to an eclectic well composed sound track and edited in a way reminiscent of the best high-tech adverts. The one and only truly independent Russian film, "MANGA" looks at  today's urban world of Moscow on its way to becoming a global capital, and investigates the psychological, emotional and physical tensions resulting from that process.


  • Winner of the Best Foreign Film Award, NY Independent Film and Video Festival
  • Asteroid Prize, (the first prize in the competition section for feature films), SciencePlusFiction Festival, Trieste, Italy, 2006