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Le President/The President

A Jean-Pierre Bekolo Film Fiction, 63 min, Cameroon/ Germany 2013
Le President/The President

The disappearance of the President of Cameroon few days before the elections is a sign that the "specter" has taken over. Young people are becoming restless, old people are now telling, intellectuals are more and more debating, prisoners are planning, women feel like resisting… Why are all the unemployed youth riding moto-taxis? Why are babies being stolen in public hospitals? Why no local hero still has no name on the street and no monument? Why is such a beautiful country in so much despair? Why has the old president never been to Soweto, nor to Harlem? These are the different faces of 42 years of the same regime revealed by "the specter" , the story of succession, the story of independence, the story of revolution, the story of killing and death, the story of betrayal, the story of the people, the story of power… in one specific country… Cameroon. Because Africa is not a country, because the whole continent's story can't be the story of misery, poverty and diseases, the challenge is to get the media not just to tell the continent's story differently, but to tell a different story. One country at a time, looking at the contradictions and the hope through stories of the people and their imagination.  

THE PRESIDENT is an attempt to reinvent the genre not just by mixing fiction and reality but also by artistic treatment in form and imagery.


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