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Dir. Deepak Rauniyar, 2012, Nepal, Color, HD, 75 min , Nepali with English subtitles
"A daring film project that supports the fact that film can be next to a storytelling vehicle more and more, and also a witness of life on any place on earth. There are no limits in the land of global filmmaking as it becomes more and more of a reality in this century." Vivian van Dijk, EYES IN Magazine Editor-in-Chief


A phenomena of new Nepali cinema, after its world premier at the Berlin Film Festival " HIGHWAY " is embarking on its world-wide journey.

Set among the breathtaking landscapes of Eastern Nepal, HIGHWAY, the first full-length feature of director Deepak Rauniyar, follows the journey of nine characters whose individual stories become accidentally interconnected during an ill-fated bus journey to the capital Kathmandu. The passengers — each of whom urgently needs to be somewhere else – find themselves stranded on the only main road due to an improvised and unlawful blockade known as a "bandh". While the passengers work out a resolution to escaping the combustible strike, the film shifts into their psychological and spiritual "bandhs", exploring a situation that many Nepalis are contending with since the end of the bloody 12-year civil conflict.

Aadi Productions in Association with Louverture Films
Seagull Films, Producers representative / festival placement


For festivals and screening updates, please visit: http://www.highwayfilm.com/

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