Yaptik - Hasse

Edgar Bartenev, 2006, color, 32 min

The film tells the story of  Yaptiks, the nomad Nenet's family that resides  on Yamal Peninsula. Their main occupation is reindeer breeding. Even 4 - years old boy never misses to catch the deer. The most simple and ordinary events  are driven by the ancient philosophy that is passed  from one generation to another through the centuries. "Yaptik - hasse" is believed to be a spirit of Yaptik family thus he  goes around on the sacred sledge that is pulled  by a reindeer or dogs. Road is his home. As long as he keep his wonders there will always be a deer, a dog and the fellow Nenets. Edgar Bartenev equally uses three different means to tell the story of the breathtaking everyday life of these Siberian nomads: original music, creative inter - titles,  and last but not least a magnificent camera work.<br>
Rare and very unique little film, not to be missed.